Container Volumes & Terminal Capacity in North Europe II

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CONTAINER VOLUMES & TERMINAL CAPACITY in NORTH EUROPE II is Dynamar’s latest publication on the volume of the main container trades connecting with the area and on the status of existing and planned container terminal capacity there.

The report provides historic (2005-2014) throughput in all North European ports across four main regions that are the subject of calls by container services with the Far East and North America, as well as a 10-year (2015-2024) forecast, all per port and per region.

This is compared with the current container terminal capacity in the same ports and regions, and all planned and intended expansions of existing facilities and entirely new projects in those ports, including potential alternative or complementary outlets.

In this way, indicative answers are formulated to questions such as:

  • How is container volume, demand, forecast to grow over the next 10 years?
  • How is box handling supply expected to develop in the same period?
  • Where could space become tight; where will it remain ample?
  • Which ports/terminals can accommodate the latest generation of Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS)?

Features of this publication include:

  • Identically structured, compact profiles and overviews of 75 existing terminals, 20 expansions and 20 new projects in 26 different ports across 11 countries in North Europe Profiled data: Terminal name – operator – location – surface – quay length – depth alongside – number and outreach of Ship-to-Shore container gantries and mobile harbour cranes – reefer points – TOS – TEU capacity and 2013/2014 TEU handlings – notes – expansion plans, if any
  • The Big Ships Files – the ULCS phenomenon and its impact on ports
  • 2015-2024 status and annual development of terminal capacity
  • 5-year TEU throughput of all North Europe ports, which combined handled more than 56 million TEU in 2014!
  • 2015-2024 forecast of port handled TEU development
  • Overview of all North Europe-Far East and Transatlantic container services
  • Full container volumes per North Europe country to/from the Far East and to/from the USA
  • North European ports of call analysis for both trades
  • Various extra’s, including historic and forecast GDP growth per country; transhipment shares of the large hubs, Global Terminal Operators’ North European presence, summary of terminal projects and so much more

Any and all information for this publication has been collected, researched and processed in the period October 2014/February 2015. In as much as possible, terminals and associated project data have been checked with the relevant companies and authorities. Information on container shipping services and further content stems from a variety of sources, including Dynamar’s own databases. As different sources often offer diverging information on the same topics, we have endeavoured to provide the most accurate estimates.

Our website provides links to the websites of many ports, to all global terminal operators and to all liner operators mentioned in this report. Extensive information on the largest of the latter can be found in our annual publications “Top 25 Container Liner Operators – Trading Profiles” as well as “East-West Container Trades, the Alliances Routes”.

We trust that the reader will enjoy this report, which has been compiled with the aim to provide a compact, yet comprehensive, assessment of the current status and near future of North Europe container terminal supply and box trade demand.


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