DynaLiners Trades Review 2021

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We have pleasure in introducing the latest edition of our DynaLiners Trades Review.  

As usual, Dynamar’s annual magazine is once again packed with an amazing wealth of container and general cargo shipping data on the subjects of Container Trades, Carriers, Ships, Ports, Terminals – Breakbulk Heavy Lift/Load, Ro/Ro, Reefer trades and so much more, providing a wealth of tables, figures, data, information and commentary…

Although the title from this year’s DynaLiners Trades Review borrows from literature in describing “The best of times… the worst of times”, it could just as easily have borrowed from the clichés of football coaches, managers, pundits and reporters worldwide, for 2020 truly was “a game of two halves”.

This is pretty much what happened in 2020. The first half was a struggle; the second half was a dream. Although the gains of the latter didn’t wholly-cancel out the losses of the former – unless you happened to be a shipping line of course – the tone was set for a spectacular end of the year with plenty more of the same to come in 2021.

This is the background to the stories, chapters and data you will read in the following pages. Throughout, the chapters are supported by an array of tables and graphs giving you as complete a picture as is possible of the previous year, just as you have come to expect from the DynaLiners suite of products.

Unfortunately, there is also no escaping the context within which this has all been set. It seems remarkable, nightmarish even, to think that we are still combating the dreadful Coronavirus which, over time, has spawned new variants. It is a battle that is still going on, and definitely not a war won.

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