DynaLiners Trades Review 2022

Has recently been completed by Dynamar. Dynamar’s long standing publications are designed as "off the shelf" consultancy studies and these publications are available at a fraction of the price of an exclusive report.

Dynamar’s range of publications provides in depth coverage of specific trades, such as West Africa and East & Southern Africa and the Intra-Mediterranean alongside individual sectors of the shipping market including the Reefer trade, RoRo and Breakbulk.

As an independent market player, Dynamar is able to provide objective market insight and intelligence. Our team of experienced analysts and consultants have established a reputation for producing high quality publications, which are referenced regularly by market observers and trade media alike.

Below provides a non-exhaustive indication of the analyses included in the studies:

The benefits

  • In-house forecasts
  • Carriers : Operated fleets, background and corporate history
  • Services: Trade lanes, vessel providers, frequencies, ports of call, Annual Trade Capacity
  • Vessels: Capacities and deployment
  • Ports: Annual Trade Capacities, port and terminal facilities, throughputs, latest and future developments
  • Countries: Population, merchandise trade, GDP and key import and export commodities

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We have pleasure in introducing the latest edition of our DynaLiners Trades Review, ‘Champagne and Supernovas’.

Picking up from late 2021’s ‘…best of times’, a combination of factors led to influential components of the container liner industry going supernova: vessel charters, equipment rentals and most dramatically of all, freight rates. So much so, that the revenues from rates completely swamped any cost increases. The results were champagne profits that could only ever have been dreamed of previously.

Behind the headlines are the stories, chapters and data you need to fully understand what happened in 2022 and why. Throughout, Dynamar’s annual magazine is once again packed with an amazing wealth of container and general cargo shipping data. It follows the trusted structure of the DynaLiners Weekly, grouping the stories and analyses around container trades, carriers, ships, ports/terminals and non-container liner trades (breakbulk, heavy load, Ro/Ro, reefer trades). All this combines to give you a complete and accessible  picture for and of 2021.

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