Dynamar (2021) REEFER Analysis – Market Structures, Conventional, Containers

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The benefits

  • In-house forecasts
  • Carriers : Operated fleets, background and corporate history
  • Services: Trade lanes, vessel providers, frequencies, ports of call, Annual Trade Capacity
  • Vessels: Capacities and deployment
  • Ports: Annual Trade Capacities, port and terminal facilities, throughputs, latest and future developments
  • Countries: Population, merchandise trade, GDP and key import and export commodities

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Dynamar is proud to present its eleventh consecutive, annual, extensive specialist report:

REEFER Analysis 2021 – Market Structure, Conventional, Containers

This publication builds upon the analysis of the previous years. The study comprises three parts: two separate sections on the different conventional and container reefer trades, based on an extensive write up and one section analysing the structure of the market.

Part I – Reefer market structure(s)

After a historical overview on the background and development of reefer shipping, this chapter provides extensive summaries, statistics and concise descriptions of:

  • The world perishable trades: volumes by main produce and export regions;
  • Transport modes and characteristics: transport conditions – modern techniques;
  • The world’s main import regions: United States, European Union, Russia, China and Japan;
  • Trading patterns: conventional ships versus container vessels – main export areas – exports by product and individual country;
  • Major reefer ports: perishable exports by country – description of relevant reefer handling facilities by mode of transportation – port throughput statistics;


Part 2 – Conventional reefer shipping

This section opens with a review of recent developments in the conventional reefer sector (including those affecting reefer container transports), covering three years (2019-2021), including statistics and graphs of relevant time charter equivalents, as well as:• Extensive conventional reefer ship overviews and statistics (existing IMO-registered fleet, orderbook, age profile, demolition, future development). Structured profiles of the world’s 15 largest conventional reefer ship operators, including markets/trade lanes served and their operated fleet (whether owned or chartered).

Part 3 – Container reefer shipping

This section provides insight into the main containerised reefer routes and services, invariably part of the South-North trade structure. Compared to previous versions of this publication, coverage has been expanded by even more trading areas. Furthermore, this section comprises:

• Extensive overviews and statistics on the composition and development of the container vessel fleet and orderbook, reefer TEU capacity, plugs/capacity ratios by size category;
• Refrigerated container box fleet, size categories, production data, capacity by carrier;
• Structured profiles of the world’s 10 largest reefer container carriers.

This publication uses the most recent trade statistics (up to 2020) on reefer commodities by country and area, supplemented with up-to-date port, vessel, box and carrier fleet statistics and gives a profound insight into the background, characteristics, developments and present status of the worldwide shipping market of perishables and the relevant players.
All information for the report has been collected, researched and processed in the third and fourth quarters of 2021. As sources often differ on the same topics, we have endeavoured to provide the reader with the most accurate estimates. Analyses are based on the best available professional databases and media, complete with data originating from carriers, operators, port authorities and a great many other industry players.

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