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Over the course of 2022, the main DynaLiners Shares Index finished some 618 points and 25% down on its start point of 2,450 to end on 1,832. In the meantime, it reached a high of 2,603 towards the end of May (week 21). The driving force behind much of what happened was the DLSI Carriers sector index. This closed 2022 down one third compared with how it opened, the year-end return being 2,928. The absolute change was a loss of 1,424 points. All other indices succumbed to significant downward pressure as well, with DLSI Owners suffering most acutely. It finished on 1,731, this being a drop of 443 points and one fifth.

The downwards tone was set by a remarkable eighty-six index members closing 2022 with weaker share prices than they had opened it. Only thirty-seven managed to improve on their starting situation, these being led of port operator Luka Rijeka and terminal operator Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling. Their shares grew by 138% and 115% respectively for this year. Propping up an extensive list of share price falls were carrier ZIM, its shares down by over two- thirds, and Russia’s (London listed) Global Ports Investment. Its shares have been frozen for much of the year, the point at which this started already representing an 84% discount on their year start price.

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