DynaLiners Trades Review 2023


DynaLiners Trades Review 2023 – PDF €250,-. Free with a DynaLiners subscription. 

Dynamar’s annual review, this year titled “The Age of Transitions”, provides analysis and commentary on last year’s events. It is once again packed with tables, figures, data and other information on the container and breakbulk trade.

Concentrating on 2022 – but with parts covering 2021 and 2023 as well – the DynaLiners Trades Review offers both quantitative and qualitative analyses considering the broad themes of:

  • Container shipping trades (global, East-West, North/South and regional)
  • Carriers (corporate and other developments; alliances; regulations)
  • Ports (developments, experiences, terminal operators)
  • Ships and containers (fleet developments, design developments, alternative fuels, casualties, shipyards and box manufacturers)
  • Non-container trades (multipurpose, heavy-load, vehicle carrier and reefer summaries)


All preceded with a summary of the year’s key figures and concluded with a brief
look ahead to the immediate future.

Behind the headlines are the stories, chapters and data you need to fully understand what happened in 2022 and why. Throughout, Dynamar’s annual magazine is once again packed with an amazing wealth of container and general cargo shipping data. It follows the trusted structure of the DynaLiners Weekly, grouping the stories and analyses around container trades, carriers, ships, ports/terminals and non-container liner trades (breakbulk, heavy load, Ro/Ro, reefer trades). All this combines to give you a complete and accessible
picture for and of 2022.


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