The West Africa Container Trades 2022

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Dynamar has just completed its latest off-the-shelf consultancy level study. Building upon earlier editions published biennially since 2011, we are happy to present:

The West Africa Container Trades 2022

Always a trade with great potential, West Africa also has its fair share of challenges. As always, this year’s publication is an extensive survey of the components that make up this always interesting trade. Qualitative analysis is given in the form of an Introduction covering, for this edition, an update on the Lagos congestion, the potential for overcapacity arising from Nigerian port projects, and initiatives and apparent success in the fight against maritime crime and piracy. Further time is spent giving a potted history of each West Africa country, in particular considering the region’s reputation for instability arising from insurgency or, and especially of late, military takeovers.

Innovations and extras from previous editions include an extensive ports section that looks not only a port developments and improvements, but also summarises how much Annual Trade Capacity is directed to each port and by which carrier. Further, each trade chapter now includes figures that chart the development of Annual Trade Capacity across each of the six biennial surveys that have been conducted, placing 2022’s results in a historical context. Alongside are the now standard in-depth features of our trade lane publications, providing a wealth of information and analysis on:


Carriers Services, vessels, background, Annual Trade Capacity, ports called
Services Trade lanes, vessel providers, frequencies, ports, Annual Trade Capacity
Vessels Capacities and deployment
Trade lanes Carriers, vessels, ports connected, carryings, Annual Trade Capacity
Ports Annual Trade Capacities, throughputs, developments, patronage
Countries Population, merchandise trade, GDP and key commodities, histories


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