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The decline in Russia’s full container trade, following sanctions imposed due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine, has stabilised. Whilst the overall reduction during March-December reached 37% compared to the same months of a year earlier, in December the total throughput was just 31% down year-on-year. The Baltic was most severely affected with 77% fewer TEU handled (-80% in December). Black Sea full container trade dropped by 22%. This coastline’s main port of Novorossiysk recently attracted a number of small services, so that in December the decline was only 7% year-on-year, compared to a more than 40% reduction in July. In contrast to the Baltic and Black Seas, during March- December, Far East trade was actually 6% up and was even 19% better in the month of December. To determine the success of the boycott on Russia, it should be noted that the Russian container trade started the year with an approximate rise of 10%.

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