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The Mediterranean is a fascinating part of the world and the cradle of some great ancient civilisations. Nowadays it comprises some thirty different countries with 46,000 kilometres of coastline and is the home of 740 million people. There are great contrasts from those who are developed and industrialised, to those who are less developed and struggling. Conflicts and natural disaster add to those challenges.

Yet, there is a vibrant container trade within the Mediterranean basin. This is carried by some forty containership operators, providing more than 175 services starting from, finishing in or sailing within the Mediterranean. These services are operated by almost 300 vessels with a combined carrying capacity of 400,000 TEU. Together, these can transport 7.5 million TEU annually.

Using Dynamar’s trade capacity modelling system, analyses have been made on who deploys how much trade capacity on which trade lanes and how much of that can be allocated to individual ports. The analyses compare to previous years and consider the effects of the tragic developments in Ukraine.

The above is only a part of the information contained in the 2023 edition, in which you will find the following:

  • Introduction (including geography, overview figures, qualitative analysis on recent events (disasters, accidents and conflicts)
  • Profiles on forty container liner carriers, these summarising their intra-Mediterranean activities
  • Highlights of the more than 160 container shipping services identified
  • Full capacity modelling analyses of the nineteen individual intra-Mediterranean trades, covering services, carriers, ports and carriers/ports combined
  • Analyses of broad intra-Mediterranean containerised trade flows
  • Extensive analyses of the ports called, including throughput, capacities allocated and major developments
  • Overview of the terminal operators active in the Mediterranean, and their facilities
  • Statistics on background contexts as population, economy, merchandise trade and commodity flows


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