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  • Category:
  • Client: Terminal Operator
  • Location: Mediterranean/Atlantic
  • Date: 2020

Liner Network Modelling

Dynamar was approached by a Mediterranean terminal operator to present a proposal for a study considering various scenarios for remodelling a carrier’s network by using a certain terminal as an alternative hub port. The carrier concerned was a global top three operator. Following the acquisition by this carrier of another North Europe shortsea operator, Dynamar was later approached to provide a remodelled network incorporating any service expansions and alterations.

In completing this project, Dynamar provided the following:

Capacity analysis carried out through Dynamar’s own proven methodology looking at service frequency, vessels deployed to same, ports called and with adjustments made for cargo deadweight.

A network analysis, consisting of the relevant services along the selected trade routes modelled for various forms of modification. This ranged from be minor modification (e.g., placing an extra port of call) through   to moving ports   between   loops   and   finally   service merger, combination and/or closure. Results were then cross-referenced with the extra requirement that the same ports as covered by the original service portfolio are still covered after the possible amendments and changes, and then, where possible, with the same number of weekly calls and the same total vessel capacity calling the port.


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