Historic Trade Lane Analysis

For this study, Dynamar provided a holistic overview of a containerised trade lane in the period from 1998-2004. The study involved the research and presentation of trade volume data, key carriers and fleet dynamics,

Trade Volume Statistics

For this study, Dynamar provided export volume statistics in TEU per European port to West Africa in the period from 2014 to 2018. As well as providing a more granular breakdown of port and

Liner Network Modelling

Dynamar was approached by a Mediterranean terminal operator to present a proposal for a study considering various scenarios for remodelling a carrier’s network by using a certain terminal as an alternative hub port. The

Global Terminal Operator Survey

Late  in  2019,  Dynamar  was  approached  by  a major North European port  to  provide  it high-levelinformation  on leading  global  container  terminal  operators  with  regards to  planned  tender  for  a  new container terminal. Dynamar was able

Refrigerated Trade White Paper

In early 2019, a major North European port community requested Dynamar to provide them with an Objective Reporting – White Paper on Perishables and Reefer produce. The study for a perishables and reefer business-related
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