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  • Category:
  • Client: Port Authority/ Port Community
  • Location: North Europe
  • Date: 2020

Refrigerated Trade White Paper

In early 2019, a major North European port community requested Dynamar to provide them with an Objective Reporting – White Paper on Perishables and Reefer produce. The study for a perishables and reefer business-related Objective Reporting and White Paper study is in particular based on the best of Dynamar’s (Reefer) Container trades and markets experience and knowledge. The study included overviews of the refrigerated shipping trades between North Europe and key producing regions (Australasia, Caribbean, West Africa, Southern Africa, East Coast South America and others), an inventory of port capacities, capabilities, infrastructure and facilities and a comparative analysis of all these ports built upon the data collected from the service overviews. The elements that were incorporated into a scoring model to allow for easy side-by-side comparison. Alongside the above, Dynamar also provided an overview of the general trade in reefer cargoes between Northern, Central and Eastern Europe and the seven intercontinental trade lanes as selected above.

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