BREAKBULK Analysis 2023 – Multipurpose, Heavy-load, Markets, Fleets


Breakbulk Analysis 2023 – Multipurpose, Heavy-load, Markets, Fleets – PDF €984,-

Dynamar is pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of its Breakbulk Analysis. Building on the hugely successful Breakbulk V (2019) Edition, with an updated structure, new analyses and even more data, the study focuses on the essence of the present and future of the breakbulk industry by analysing the main breakbulk/RoRo/project and heavy-lift operators, the make-up and capability of their current fleets and their orderbooks and the worldwide trade of major breakbulk cargoes.

Breakbulk is a broad term used to describe any dry cargo that does not fit into the standardised form of the rectangular box. Whilst there are striking examples of remarkable heavy load and semi-submersible vessels that carry incredibly vast and heavy cargoes, this segment actually represents a small portion of breakbulk cargo operations. Think of industrial components, plant, machinery, cranes, wind-turbines, forest products, aluminium rolls, iron and steel, agribulks, minerals to name but a few. The publication identifies the major breakbulk cargo categories, importers and exporters, defines the main trading areas and lists the commodities generated within these.

Dynamar’s Breakbulk Publication applies the most recent trade statistics across key breakbulk commodities, supplemented with up-to-date port, vessel and carrier fleet statistics. It delivers a profound insight into the background, characteristics, goings and present status of the worldwide breakbulk shipping market and its most relevant players. It is a must read for anyone involved in breakbulk and heavy lift logistics. This publication provides a wealth of merchandise trade data, fleet overviews and rankings of carriers operating ships that carry breakbulk, project and heavy lift cargoes. Roughly, those ships can be split into two segments: multipurpose and heavy-load. 

Finally, closing this publication is an overview of the ‘disruptors’, the other shipping sectors that also compete for breakbulk cargoes. These are vehicle carriers, containerships and conventional reefer vessels. Their attractiveness for and activities within breakbulk markets are summarised, accompanied by overview tables of their capacities and thumbnail profiles of the leading operators. 

Has recently been completed by Dynamar. Dynamar’s long standing publications are designed as "off the shelf" consultancy studies and these publications are available at a fraction of the price of an exclusive report.

Dynamar’s range of publications provides in depth coverage of specific trades, such as West Africa and East & Southern Africa and the Intra-Mediterranean alongside individual sectors of the shipping market including the Reefer trade, RoRo and Breakbulk.

As an independent market player, Dynamar is able to provide objective market insight and intelligence. Our team of experienced analysts and consultants have established a reputation for producing high quality publications, which are referenced regularly by market observers and trade media alike.

Below provides a non-exhaustive indication of the analyses included in the studies:

The benefits

  • In-house forecasts
  • Carriers : Operated fleets, background and corporate history
  • Services: Trade lanes, vessel providers, frequencies, ports of call, Annual Trade Capacity
  • Vessels: Capacities and deployment
  • Ports: Annual Trade Capacities, port and terminal facilities, throughputs, latest and future developments
  • Countries: Population, merchandise trade, GDP and key import and export commodities

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